You need to complete the installation before using the application. Please follow the installation instructions below.


Operating Procedures:

1. Insert the Acer Bio Protection CD to start the installation program (if it does not start automatically, double-click Setup.exe in the CD).
2. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with installation. You will be prompted to restart your computer after installation is complete. Choose Restart the computer now and click Finish to complete the installation.
3. After the computer has been restarted, you will see the Acer Bio Protection tray icon in the System Tray. Click on the icon and choose System Wizard. The System Wizard welcome screen will pop up. To continue, click Next.

     Acer Bio Protection 002 Installation

4. You will be prompted to enter your Windows user password. If you already have a password, simply enter your password and click Next.

Acer Bio Protection 004.zoom60 Installation

If you have not set up a password, you will be asked to create a password.

       Acer Bio Protection 005.zoom60 Installation



       The password you enter here will become your Windows password. Next time you log on to Windows, you may choose to swipe your fingerprint or manually enter this password.


       For Windows XP users, you will have an option to select whether or not to use the Welcome Screen and Fast User Switching.


5. You will now be prompted to enroll your fingerprint. Click on a blinking finger to perform fingerprint enrollment. You must enroll at least one and at most 10 fingerprints. Please follow the onscreen instructions to enroll. For detailed instructions on fingerprint enrollment, please refer to the Managing Acer Bio Protection Fingerprint Management section of this document.


       After you have enrolled your fingerprint(s), click Next.


6. After the fingerprint enrollment process, you will be asked to set up PBA (Pre-Boot Authentication). You will first be prompted to set up the BIOS Supervisor Password and User Password. These are used as a backup authentication method to PBA.


       Select the fingers you wish to use for PBA and click Next. For detailed instructions on setting up PBA, please refer to the Managing Acer Bio Protection Computer Protection Management section of this document.



       Each user is allowed to select at most two fingers for PBA.


7. Click Finish to complete the System Wizard.


Congratulations! Acer Bio Protection is now ready to be used.