General Settings

The General Settings page contains miscellaneous settings for the application.


Operating Procedures:

1. Open System Settings and switch to the General Settings page.

       Acer Bio Protection 037.zoom60 General Settings

2. Check the Enable icon in System Tray checkbox to show the System Tray icon (On by default). Uncheck to hide the icon.
3. Check the Enable authentication sound effects checkbox to turn on sounds during authentication (On by default). Uncheck to turn off the sound.
4. Check the Enable Password Bank checkbox to enable the Password Bank function. Uncheck to turn off.



When you turn off Password Bank, the Prompt me to save password checkbox will be disabled. Password Bank will no longer prompt you for automatic login or to save passwords.


5. If you wish to allow Password Bank to continue prompting for authentication, you can check the Enable auto-login for websites already registered with Password Bank checkbox. Password Bank will still prompt for authentication for automatic login when you revisit an enrolled website/application.
6. Click OK or Apply to save your settings.




General Settings