(Optional) FingerNav

FingerNav mode utilizes the fingerprint sensor to perform navigating functions for your browsers and documents. Please refer to the Managing Acer Bio Protection FingerNav Management section on how to switch to FingerNav mode and set up its parameters.


Operating Procedures:

1. Open your favorite website or a document.
2. Make sure that the active window is the document/website you wish to work on.
3. Move your finger vertically or horizontally along the fingerprint sensor to scroll up and down or left and right respectively.
4. To create a continuous scrolling event, swipe up or down along the sensor, and hold the sensor down. The window will continue to scroll accordingly until you lift your finger away from the sensor.



When you encounter an authentication event, the scrolling function will be disabled temporarily as the sensor will be waiting for your fingerprint.



(Optional) FingerNav